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Rock Climbing

Climbing in Crete has progressed a lot and many new routes have been opened in the recent years.
The island’s morphology with many canyons and limestone rocks offers an abundance of options. There are plenty of climbing sites, by the sea or well hidden in the slits of the mountains. However their easy access is what makes the climbing in Crete easy and fun.

The most popular climbing sites are Agiofarango in Heraklion, Therisos in Chania and Voulismeno aloni in Heraklion as well, ranging from 4a to 8b.
Also, in Rethymnon there are remarkable climbing sites mainly in the South of the Prefecture, suitable for beginners but also for advanced climbers. The most well-known climbing sites in Rethymno are Plakias, Damnoni and Kalypso nearby Plakias but also Patsos Canyon (Agios Antonios) in Amari.

With trained and certified guides in climbing schools and years of experience in the rocks of Crete, we always put safety first but never forget the fun side of climbing.

The rocks are waiting for us!