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Tailor Made

Every person has a different perspective for the ideal vacation and for the outdoor activity that he/she chooses. Some people need private time, and they want to spend more time with their close ones, others prefer a little hike, or they have in mind a particular place on Crete they want to visit. Besides Crete has so many alternative options on outdoor activities and countless trails and sites that it is difficult not to find something satisfying for everyone.

Contact us and we will design a program that will meet your needs and desires, any time of the year!

To plan together your next activity in Crete.

Travel in Crete with alternative Crete

Hiking, climbing or any other outdoor activity?
The choice is yours, we offer all of the above and more, just choose the activity you like. And if some of our tours do not represent you, gladly to plan or recommend even more locations or activities.

It is beautiful when we spend time with our family or friends.
But even alone we may find what suits us. Ask us what we can offer above and find out what expectations you have from your holidays in Crete, so that together we can plan your favourite excursion, in any part of the island you wish.

Travel and hiking in Crete

The options in Crete for outdoor and alternative activities are countless, just like in Alternative Crete.
Contact us to organize your holidays in Crete, for you or for the group you represent and get to know unadulterated Crete through the magic of its countryside and the hospitality of its inhabitants, with us.
Get in touch with us and plan your activities!