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River trekking is an easy and fun activity that does not require technical equipment neither has it got difficult passages. In essence river trekking is going through a river, usually inside a canyon, and it is enjoyable even for families or small groups.
Crete is a small paradise for those who wish to try this activity, because of the numerous canyons and the mountainous landscape. Ιn Alternative Crete we suggest the Kourtaliotis Gorge, Patsos Gorge and Mesa (Platys) Gorge. Our  expedition usually takes 1,5 – 3 hours to complete, and sometimes our trek ends in splendid beaches like Preveli beach for example.

Through river trekking you have the opportunity to see and admire exotic sites that will surprise you , like the Palm of theophrastus (Phoenix theophrast) or small waterfalls or unique forms of rocks.

Take your water shoes put your swimsuit and enjoy the water!
See you on the Alternative Crete.

Kourtaliotiko | River trekking

Kourtaliotiko | River trekking

River Trekking 3 hours Level: Easy From 25€ per person